My name is Isaac Griffin. I am an art director at the University of Utah's The AdThing. An advertising agency staffed by students, run by pros. While my official title is an art director, my emphasis is illustration. Be it pen to paper, digital, or anything in between. I have a blast with them all. I am majoring in marketing at the Eccles School of Business and minoring in drawing through the college of Fine Arts. Nothing sets me on fire more than figuring out how to use a new media. I have been drawing since I learned to walk. I believe drawing is the best, most fun way to express your creativity. Make a picture, tell a story, sell a product.

Born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah my hobbies include cycling, making art, watching movies, exercising, spending time with great friends, and traveling the world. Never miss an opportunity to take a risk that has the potential to teach you something you don't know.

I am also part of the University of Utah's cycling team, so if you see my lycra clad buddies and I shredding on bikes, don't be afraid to say hey.